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Super red cardinal shrimp

Freshwater Shrimp

What Type Of Freshwater Shrimp Can I Keep In My Nano (Small) Aquarium?


Aquarium Photography

How To Use Your Smart Phone To Take Remarkable Pictures of Your Aquarium.


Red tail guppy

Breeding Guppies

How To Breed Your Own Beautiful Strain + 9 images


albino bristlenose pleco

Bristlenose Plecostomus

How To Raise, Feed & Breed 7 Types of Bristlenose Plecos


spotted head stander fish

The Spotted Headstander Fish


Yellow babaulti shrimp

Create Small A Low-Tech Aquarium In 7 Steps.


Tiger Oscar fish

Oscar Fish Care Guide – Keeping, Feeding and Breeding

Think you can handle big (14″ or about 3 lengths of your cell phone laid end-to-end), aggressive, intelligent fish?


farlowella catfish

9″ Farlowella Catfish 

 Whiptail Catfish, Twig Catfish – Farlowella oxyrrynchaFarlowella Plecostomus Information on care, feeding, and breeding


Tiger Barbs

Tiger Barbs

Caring for this fun, fast fish w/ 7 home aquarium pictures and 3 videos.



millipede insects and a silver fork on a white background

DIY: Live Fish Food Insects You Can Grow

4 semi-easy types



angels mouth to mouth


This extensive article covers all aspects of Angelfish.



mosquito larvae

Fish foods

What should I feed my fish?


“How To” By The Numbers…

How To…

Remove Old Food From Your Nano (Small) Aquarium. 6 Ideas.

A really sick fish

How To…

Create Small A Low-Tech Aquarium In 7 Steps.

Yellow babaulti shrimp

How To…

Clean An Aquarium Brimming With Fish, In 7 Steps.

Tiger Barbs


How To…

Get Rid Of Ammonia In Your Fish Tank, Naturally. 3 Ways That Help Everytime.

Altum Pterophyllum Species freshwater Angelfish

How To…

Get Rid Of Alage In Your Aquarium, And Keep It Gone In Six Steps.

Keep algae away

How To…

…Breed Your Own Beautiful Strain of Guppies in 9 steps

Bi color guppy