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How to take amazing, show quality, pictures of your aquarium using your smart phone

So you want to take great pictures or videos of your aquarium.

This article will tell you how without bogging you down in photography details.

After all your hobby is fish keeping, not photography.

The Fish Are Dying In My Aquarium. 

How Can I Stop It?

 This article will discuss what causes fish death in an aquarium, especially small or nano aquariums, and how to minimize or eliminate those deaths. 

Signs of ammonia in your aquarium


“This might be a good luck / bad luck article. I suspect that if you’re reading this; you have an ammonia problem in your aquarium already (bad luck). That said, I’ll help you as much as I can for your sake and the sake of your fish (good luck).”

Growing Rosette Sword Plants In Your Aquarium

Aquarium plant Rosette Sword

 Question: How do I grow a large, healthy Rosette Sword in my aquarium?

Tank size: I would recommend at least a 30 gallon tank. A smaller tank as is often recommened is just not going to show off this beautiful plant to the fullest. 

Grow Your Own Live Fish Food Buffet– 4 Easy Types – plus bonus food 

“To the container, add lettuce, spirulina, yeast or best, farm animal dung. Fill your container with conditioned water and your choice of the mentioned ingredients.”

How Do I Fix My Sick Fish?

5 medications and what actually works

A really sick fish

“I’m going to be quite blunt here. None of the medications listed below will work for an average hobbyist. I never use medications anyway. The medications are listed as fluff for this part of the article.”