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Freshwater Tropical Fish

The 20 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish For Beginners (With Pictures)

Angelfish in a planted aquarium

How To Breed Your Own Strain Of Guppies

Red tail guppy

Bristlenose / bushynose plecostomus catfish

albino bristlenose pleco

9 facts about caring for Neon Tetra fish


single neon tetra dark background

Blue Discus

Blue Discus – Symphysodon aequifasciatus

Angelfish Care

Koi Angelfish

Panda Corydora Catfish – Ridiculously Cute

panda cory

6 Exotic Looking, But Affordable, Aquarium Fishes

Bump head fish, red

How To Care For Freshwater Shrimp

Super red cardinal shrimp

Caring for Green Neon Tetras

green neon tetra fish

How to care for exotic Goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish

6 popular facts and  information about caring for a Green Spotted Pufferfish.

pufferfish green spotted

Chinese Algae Eater Care

chinese algae eater


Frontosa Fish – Large African Cichlid


Heckel Discus – Symphysodon discus

Heckel Discus2

The 5 most difficult to keep freshwater fish you can buy for your home aquarium


How To Care For Your Guppies - 21 Pictures, A Bonus Article, & A Guppy Care Print Out


Farlowella Catfish

An Exotic Plecostomus: 7 Crucial Facts

farlowella catfish

Spotted Headstander

spotted head stander fish

Well...They’re spotted and kinda swim vertically. Online article link.

Tiger Plecostomus

Tiger Pleco

You’ve searched all over for a halloween colored fish. Well here you go!

Zebra Danio Care

colorful zebra danio on a white background

(Fishy disclaimer: Not actually related to Zebras)

On-site article link.

Bicuda Fish – The rottweiler of aquarium fish

Looking for guppy’s? This isn’t that link.

South America’s Threadfin Acara


Eye popping silver and gold scales make this a cool and unusual fish

Black Ghost Knifefish Care

Apteronotus albifrons

The Ulitmate Guide To Caring For Your Oscar Fish

Oscar fish in an aquarium

"Oscars are big, hard-headed (strong willed) fish. Forget decorating an Oscar’s tank. They’ll just rearrange the decor to suit them.

Still interested? Here’s the ultimate guide on how to raise these bad boys."

Darter Goby with “Bed Head”

darter goby

African Butterflyfish

8 FAQ's

african butterflyfish